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While exercising in the gym is great way to have a healthy lifestyle, it’s not always the convenient way. You still have to travel by commuting or driving to the gym, and that wasted time can be used instead to get in shape more. In fact, some of us are thinking of alternatives, specifically exercising at home. For them, this is more convenient and less expensive as you don’t have to pay for memberships and personal trainers. You don’t have to worry about the traffic you have to go through in going to the gym. For these people, exercising at home is the best way to lose weight and be fit.

Thanks to P90X. Also known as the Power 90 Extreme, it is a “home exercise system developed by Tony Horton” that helps in improving physical fitness in just 90 days. This home exercise system is consisted of different rigorous exercises and training programs, combined with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan. The workout is about “muscle confusion” which prevents the body from adapting to different exercises over time. As a result, the body will not get used to just a single exercise, thus help in improving the body without any plateaus.

The P90X workout can be done by watching the DVD provided included along with the home exercising system. You’ll be doing variety of exercise techniques such as yoga, stretching, cardio, and strength training combined with a fitness plan. According to Tony Horton, you’ll find an improved physical fitness after 90 days — thanks to the 12 DVD workouts — featuring him and different models demonstrating the exercises. While this program are open for everyone, it provides a fitness test to see which program is suitable for an individual.

When you avail the P90X workout, the videos will target different skills and muscles and lets you perform workouts for less than an hour. To perform well, you need equipment such as yoga mat, yoga blocks, dumbbells, pull-up/push-up bars, gloves and a chair which can easily be bought in sports and fitness stores. If you follow the instructions well and have patience in exercising, you’ll be able to shape up in 90 days.

And since you’re at home, you can do these exercises any time you want without worrying about traffic or the gym closing. Plus, you can pick a great spot to do your workout. With this home exercising system, everything is convenient and you just have to spend on the DVD videos and the exercise equipment. No more spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, transportation and gas. You can get in shape in 90 days at the comforts of your own home.


The most convenient way to shape up is by doing work outs at your own pace, time, and at your own place. You can go to a gym and enroll for weekly or monthly sessions, but imagine the time you waste in travelling from your workplace or house going to the gym. If you decided to shape up you are determined to do it even if you are alone without the need of a personal trainer.

According to reviews, P90x is noted as comprehensive exercise instructions which you can do at the convenience of your home. It guarantees the same motivation that you can get with enrolling in a gym. You are assured to get your desired physique in just 90 days. You also save money when you engage in the program instead of going to the gym. You save in travel expenses, gym memberships and personal trainer fees.

P90X Work Out Program

This home exercise system guarantees physique improvement in just 90 days, comprised of rigorous exercises and training programs with nutrition and dietary supplement. Its main emphasis is on muscle confusion wherein there are variations of exercises and the order of exercises is also mixed up in order for the muscles not to adapt with repetitive motions. Muscle confusion guarantees effective results.

P90X Plus

If you graduated from P90X, then you are ready for P90X Plus – a more intense work-out. If you want to shape up more, you should go for it. It has brand new moves, a higher level of muscle confusion. After 90 days you will be surprised with a better physique. With the new P90X plus you will motivated and inspired more with great music of Jason Scheff, the lead singer of the band Chicago. With better moves and great music, you will surely enjoy your workouts.

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